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Mar 3, 2013 10:30am EST
of climate change, the environmental effects and trappings, they are all swarming around this leveraging consensus or close to it where instead we have more stuff lying around than we thought. >> if it is close, with the environment lists be happy about fracking, but not having all of it created equal? >> some would be happier than others in the community. someone a more vigorous role from the federal government. they want the interior government to regulate across the country. it probably goes a little bit further. i see the chairman trying to find middle ground on that. middle ground is elusive at the moment. oversight hearings are what the energy committee is doing right now. i definitely think that there is a big factor from the environmental community that wants to get back to renewable energy in general. that is why i think natural gas is important for renewable energy and sustained renewable energy. shining when the sun as the shining, when the wind is not blowing. i think that natural gas plays an important role in that but i think that time will tell in instances like that. >> t
Mar 3, 2013 2:25am EST
the social security administration of a name change following marriage or other proceedings, the employer needs to make sure they enter the name exactly as it appears. u.s. government needs to update its records. the accuracy of e-verify requires the action of three parties, the employer, the employee, and u.s. government. independent evaluations of e- verify found that the rates for authorized employees, those who had to resolve a non- confirmation, came to 1.7%. this study found that 94% a final non confirmations were accurately issued. we are also working to improve the identity verification aspects. detecting identity fraud in employment verification requires a multilevel approach which i laid out in my written testimony. in november 2010, we expanded e verify's photographic mapping tools to include passports and passport cards. in the survey, users waited the photo tool very highly as a math -- as a method for reducing fraud. we are developing other methods for reducing fraud, such as monitoring repeated use of social security numbers and a system enhancement that allows employees to
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2